Give your customers the confidence to make their purchases online with the most trusted and secure option for SSL: VeriSign® Secure Site Pro with EV SSL Certificates.

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With a Safe EXIM Certificate you can apply for licenses electronically with the DGFT and digitally sign your online license application using your Safe EXIM Certificate.

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Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA), Government of India (GoI) has initiated MCA21 program, for easy and secure access to MCA services in a manner that best suits the businesses and citizens.

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Welcome To Oasis Infosolutions

Oasis Infosolutions is a cost-efficient provider of digital signature Certificates (DSC) and secure digital signature in India. We believe in sharing Knowledge. We strive to keep buying DSC a simple and easier process for you. By our prolonged effort, we have made the entire process of obtaining a DSC hassle-free. Whether you are a tech-savvy professional or a neophyte, we would provide you with an extremely simple process of obtaining a DSC. Secure digital signature is provided as per the provisions of Information Technology Act 2000. Our staff is competent enough to promptly and effectively respond to your queries, be it online or offline.

Every business or organization strives for an efficient business with growing revenue. But signing and submitting documents to the government is typically awkward and time-consuming process that slows the business. The only solution to evade this problem is to use digital signature Certificates (DSC).

IT Act 2000 has attempted to bring about electronic governance by giving legal recognition to electronic records and digital signatures (DSC) and using them in government and its agencies. It has drawn parallelism in electronic information and paper and ink based information and also has given legal force or backing to treat electronic signatures at par with paper and ink-based signatures. Contracts and forms that were printed, shipped, signed, shipped back, and then stored are now electronically transferred, therefore what used to take days now takes minutes.

Oasis Infosolutions is the trusted expert to global enterprises providing them Digital signature Certificates (DSC) and related software products and services that protects against Internet threats. We provide Digital Certificates/ Digital signature Certificates (DSC) as stand-alone products or together in an integrated security system.

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